Whitening facial treatment 50 min.

This treatment is ideal for reducing fringes and spots and balancing skin tone.
Exudes soothing, tightens and raises the skin, gives glow and brightness and reduces redness.
Restores the bright, translucent, uniform and youthful appearance of the epidermis


Hydrating facial treatment 50 min.

This hydrating facial is suitable for everyone. It includes products which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins along with other natural ingredients to help plump, maintain and protect the skin. The combination of these products produces powerful benefits for the skin, including reduced signs of aging, improved hydration, defense against free radicals, leaving the skin refreshed, hydrated and with a healthy glowing look


Anti-aging facial treatment 50 min.

Firming, toning. Redefine how the skin ages with the quintessential regenerating facial therapy. The Olive Tree Caviar reduces aging, and the refreshing facial massages improve the skin tone and elasticity


Eye therapy 50min.

Therapy to treat wrinkles, dark circles & swelling around the sensitive eye area



After Sun Facial express treatment for Gentlemen & Ladies 30 min.

The treatment that offers fast, effective, immediate results. The optimum combination of Cleanser, Mask and Hydrator restore the skin to its full health and strength


Body Scrub & Hydrating Treatment 50 min.

The traditional treatment designed to boost the absorption of minerals through the skin. Virgin olive oil rich in vitamin E, applied to the body and followed by exfoliating mineral salt. To complete the relaxation experience, we enrich the skin with body friendly soft butter for intensive moisturizing, nourishment and softness of the skin.



Mineral Sea Salt Body Scrub 25 min.

This natural body scrub exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, while moisturizing. Treating yourself with a salt scrub, especially when combined with a massage, is just plain relaxing


Aloe Vera After Sun Hydrating Treatment 25min

A treatment for before or after the sun. Aloe Vera is used as a soothing agent in various skin irritations, such as burns and skin healing. It keeps the skin soft and is used for body care, it moisturizes and increases collagen production to strengthen the skins natural defence


Spa Day: 130’ min/person

• Relaxing Massage
• Body Scrub &Hydrating Treatment
• Facial express for Men & Women


Beauty Princess: 75’min/person

• Back & neck Massage
• Hydrating facial treatment


Couples Package:100’min/Couple

Ideally created for Honeymooners.
• Wet area (Sauna & Jacuzzi)spa use,plus a complementary ‘Classic Cocktail’ served at hotel’s outdoor pool)
• Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage


Couples Ritual:150’min/Couple

Two therapists invite you to our massage creation for Couples, which has a holistic approach and is based on a Relaxing massage. An unforgettable memory!
• Wet area spa use (Sauna & Jacuzzi)plus a complementary ‘Classic Cocktail’ served at hotel’s outdoor pool)
• Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage
• Body Scrub &HydratingTreatment

Access to wet area facilities (Indoors heated Jacuzzi & Sauna, plus a complementary ‘Classic Cocktail’ served at hotel’s outdoor pool): € 50,00/50’/person


Relaxing Massage 75 min./50 min.

A treatment designed to relax and soothe, not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying conditions. You will experience a long, luxurious massage which will use all kinds of massage techniques including long strokes, gentle kneading and rolling of skin and muscle, and perhaps some rhythmic rocking from side-to-side.


Deep Tissue Massage 75 min. / 50min

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on full body relaxation by applying more pressure on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. The Deep Tissue massage techniques relieve small, newer areas of Muscular tension in the deeper tissues and break up adhesions in the Fascia (the connective tissue surrounding your Bones, Muscles, and Joints.)


Sport Massage 55min.

Sports massage therapy is more focused on a certain area of the body. It uses a combination of deep and light modalities to loosen muscle knots, improve blood flow, and prevent lactic acid buildup. A licensed massage therapist will evaluate your posture, the physical demands of your sport, and past sport injuries.


Santorini Volcanic Thermal Stones massage 75 min.

A specialized treatment using specialized hot volcanic stones to relax muscles and improve Energy Flow to the body. Hot stones are placed on Energy points of the body, helping muscles relax much faster than an ordinary massage, while improving Blood Circulation and calming the Nervous System


Wax Candle Massage 75min. /50 min.

Through a lovely, perfumed ambiance, the massage with oil from hot candles creates a memorable experience. The subtle creamy hot candle oil slides over the body nourishing deeply the skin, while a combination of various massage pressures, stretches and continuous movements, relaxes the Muscular System, stimulates the blood microcirculation helping the body to eliminate all the daily stress by inviting you into a joyful sensorial escape.



Relaxing Face Massage 25min

A facial treatment using gentle massage strokes on the face, scalp, and upper neck.


Scalp Massage 25 min

A complete treatment, which focuses on the scalp,neck, head, and shoulders. It is the most efficient method for the confrontation of migraines, insomnia, and stress.


Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 25 min.

This massage cures aches and strains. Medium to gentle pressing movements allied with the properties of our selected oils will release all your tensions in these areas.


Thai Foot Massage 25min.

A foot massage can help to relax the whole body, helping you to sleep better, and leaving you with a rejuvenated energy to bring to your day. Foot reflexology and leg massage can be used as a pain relief, to help alleviate stress and even to speed up injury recovery

Spa Etiquette

Reservations, Cancellations/Reschedules, Payment

You can book directly at Spa’s Reception or at Hotel’s Front Desk.
We can charge your Spa sessions to your room’s billfor your convenience.
Please, for Cancellations/Reschedules, contact the Spa Reception or Hotel’s Front Desk.
Appointments will be charged with 25% of the reserved treatment cost, if canceled within less than 6 hours. Non show will be charged 100%


Late Policy

We ask you to be at your scheduled appointment10’ minutes before. If you are late:
less than 15’ minutes, we will accommodate you to the best of our ability, but your session may be short-ened or re-scheduled to avoid delays for other guests or following appointments.
Appointments missed by later than 15’ minutes, will be canceled and charged 100% as a no-show.



Please, be sure to inform your Spa Therapist if you have:
High blood pressure, Active cancer, Cardiovascular or Heart conditions, or any condition that may counte-ract with Sauna heat, massage, essential oils, products, and body pressure/manipulation.
For your safety and well-being, we highly discourage alcohol consumption prior to, during, or immediately following massage therapies. We reserve the right to decline or ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Guests with active cancer, expectant women or nursing mothers can only have a combination of Face and Sculp massage.

We look forward to offering the gift of touch!!